1. Buyer issues ICPO containing the seller’s procedure with banking details and scanned copy of buyer’s passport along with (TSA) Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) from buyer’s Logistic Company, with atleast 3 days storage booking
  2. Seller issues Commercial Invoice (CI) for the available products in Tank at the Port, for Buyer’s review and endorsement and return for legalization on seller’s expenses
  3. Seller verify the existence and authenticity of the Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) provided by the buyer. Upon ascertaining the Storage Facility in favour of buyer, Seller release the below POP documents directly to end buyer’s secure email.
    a. Legalized Commercial Invoice.
    b. Commitment to Supply.
    c. Injection Report
    d. Fresh SGS (Not Older Than 48 hrs.)
    e. ATS -Authorization to Sell & Collect
    f. Authorization to Verify (ATV)
    g. Dip Test Authorization (DTA)
    h. Commitment Letter to Supply
    i. Export license.
    j. Statement of Product Availability.
    k. Tank Storage Receipt (TSR) with barcode and GPS Coordinate.
  4. The Buyer conducts Dip Test in the product in the seller’s reservoir.
  5. Buyer provide Authority to Inject (ATI) from it Logistic Company to enable seller commence Injection of Product into the Buyer’s Tank.
  6. Within Twenty-Four (24) Hours upon completion of the Injection, buyer make payment for the total cost of the product injected into buyer’s tank by TT wire transfer to seller’s nominated bank account.
  7. Buyer lifts products and all intermediaries are paid, Seller and Buyer consider and signs further contracts after successful Transaction